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Attenuation basin

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Reed beds

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There are 2 miles of Cornish bank hedges full of blackthorn, dog rose, gorse and bluebell at Higher Newham. As part of our plans we’re working with ecology experts to tell us how to thicken them up so these hedges can flourish and become abundant wildlife corridors.

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Agricultural land

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Green spaces

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Cornish Gilliflower, Pascoes Pippin, Mylor Pike, Cornish Honeypin. The names are enough to make you want to plant an apple tree or two. Give it a few years and Higher Newham could be home to 5 acres of orchard, ripe for scrumping. We might even fit in some Kea Plums too.

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Edible horticulture

Our proposal would see several acres of edible horticulture on the farm. Tended by Duchy College students, then cooked to perfection at the restaurant. Field to fork in a few muddy steps.

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Horticulture plot

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With over 100 people on Truro’s waiting list for a patch of land to ‘grow their own’, we’d like to set aside 2 acres of land for allotments at Higher Newham. And our plan is for the restaurant to buy produce from allotment owners as well as from the farm itself.


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Picture yourself sitting in the sun at a table with friends, with a drop dead gorgeous view of Calenick Creek, eating flavoursome home-cooked food, grown and foraged from the farm around you. This could be lunch, supper or breakfast at Higher Newham Farm and Village. Working with the land and the seasons, the restaurant would change the menu to reflect what’s available on the farm and locally, from the fields, hedgerows and trees. We are proposing a learning aspect to the restaurant side of the project too – A Cook School offering both vocational and leisure courses through the restaurant and its kitchens, with a particular emphasis on local produce, seasonality and provenance. Students can learn everything from how to do the basics brilliantly, through to specialist skills.

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Community hub

We’d love to bring the original farm buildings back to life to form the heart and soul of the village. Here you’d find the Restaurant and Cook School, artists collaborations and practical rural crafts, plus a big community space. And what else?

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We’d aim to deliver thousands of land based learning hours at Higher Newham Farm. This would be hands-on accredited learning, focused on the areas of conservation, growing and farming, aimed at increasing knowledge and employability. It wouldn’t all be outdoors. We are proposing two custom-made classrooms here too. Most full time courses will be for 16-18’s primarily, with a wide range of shorter courses for adults, from caring for animals to skills for people running smallholdings.

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New village area

The 155 village homes within our plans would be bespoke designed to “fit” in the landscape, mindful of the vital ‘green views’ of the hill-sides south facing the AONB and north easterly facing Truro.We’d like to use ground source energy to heat the homes and build standards will be extremely high.30% of the homes would be at affordable levels below market prices, through a mix of rents tied to housing benefit levels in perpetuity or low cost part-ownership.

  • 1New village area
  • 2Duchy College farm
  • 3Community hub
  • 4Restaurant and cook school
  • 5Allotments
  • 6Horticulture plot
  • 7Edible horticulture
  • 8Orchards
  • 9Green spaces
  • 10Agricultural land
  • 11Woodland
  • 12Hedges
  • 15Roads
  • 16Permissive trials for pedestrians & cycle access
  • 17Permissive trials for pedestrians
  • 13Reed beds
  • 14Attenuation basin
  • By car

    Under our plans vehicular access would be from Morlaix Avenue, which would be linked with the proposed Arch Hill roundabout upgrades.

  • On foot

    We would like to introduce pedestrian access from both the top and the bottom end of Higher Newham and a network of footpaths around the site.

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage

    We are proposing to create a Sustainable Urban Drainage system to ensure that Higher Newham does not create run off issues for another part of Truro and that flooding is managed.

  • Sewerage system

    Our plans include provision for a foul drainage system that does not place additional pressure on the current sewerage network which is developed to the highest standards.

The Site Plan

Use the map above to find out more about how we want to use the land at Higher Newham. Click on the numbered icons to find out more.

To find out more about the planning application please click here: Planning Application.

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