Statement of purpose:

"We want to find the beating heart of Higher Newham, build a thriving community around it and in so doing demonstrate to the world that it is possible, together, to make a real place that people can love, live and really be part of – where stories are made and told.

We are helping people understand their opportunities in life and for living, and sowing the seeds of a community that will flourish because of its connections with the land and its produce, with the city of Truro and its people."

19th June 2014

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A unique partnership between Duchy College, Cornwall Food Foundation and Living Villages to open up Higher Newham for the benefit of the people of Truro. Creating an education based working farm, a place to eat, a holistic Cook School and a sustainable exemplar village, whilst preserving and enhancing over 80% of the land in perpetuity.

What would be our involvement at Higher Newham?

The idea of running a small-scale model farm and educational facility, that can be seen by thousands of people and help a wider audience understand the magic of agriculture and growing, is something that very much appeals to Duchy College. On the outskirts of Truro, Higher Newham is the perfect place for us to bring this idea to life.

From our two classrooms, we would be mainly focused on entry-level accredited programmes in horticulture, countryside management, conservation and animal care. The pedigree sheep flock would be available to assist more specialist farm studies as well as smallholders wanting to learn more about the animals they keep. We also propose RHS programmes for gardening enthusiasts wanting to understand more about plant growth and propagation, as well as garden planning and maintenance.

Visitors would be able to learn about new crops and plants for their garden, householders and members of the local community take up an allotment and share their growing tips among their neighbours or volunteer on conservation and farming projects.

We wouldn't just offer full-time courses, we also hope to find people interested in keeping bees and chickens, making butter, scything, laying hedges and basket-weaving.

Students would be able to get stuck into the design, planning, planting and maintenance of the growing, conservation and wildlife areas of Higher Newham as part of their learning.

Part of Duchy College's role here would be to manage the whole farm area, ensuring it’s an accessible and varied countryside resource for the people of Truro and its surrounds.

Who we are and what we do

Founded in 1984 with a few traditional farm buildings and some land leased from the Duchy of Cornwall, Duchy College has grown to become one of the UK’s largest specialist land-based education providers. After years of development and growth, Duchy College won the Queens Anniversary Prize in 2013 for the work of the Rural Business School in promoting prosperity and skills in the farming community. We run courses for over 2000 students from two main campuses and Outreach Centres across Devon and Cornwall.

From Duchy Home Farm at Stoke Climsland we operate a food innovation centre with commercial-grade kitchens, labs and manufacturing apparatus and lecture theatre. We also run an equestrian centre with livery for 56 horses, a horse solarium, indoor and outdoor riding schools, and sports facilities with accommodation. All told, we farm 267 hectares, which is home to 270 Holstein Friesians with 200 dairy followers, 200 breeding ewes, pedigree Devon beef cattle and pigs. Our latest project is a new £10m Future Farm designed to help the regional dairy industry stay at the forefront of dairy farming.

Within our 47 hectares of landscaped gardens at Rosewarne in West Cornwall, we have a national plant collection, plus a state of the art animal management centre, vet nursing facilities, a working nursery, floristry unit, science labs and land-based engineering workshops.

What would be our involvement at Higher Newham?

We want to open a restaurant at Higher Newham to:

  • Generate income for the Cornwall Food Foundation and for the Farm’s Charitable Company
  • Get our charitable mission into the DNA of the new village, and to be its beating heart
  • Significantly increase our training capacity as an organisation

The move to join the Higher Newham Farm and Village project represents a key stage in the development of Cornwall Food Foundation. The restaurant and cook school would give us a professional but lower pressure training environment than we currently have. This would enable the engagement and education of people of all ages and abilities in the preparation and sharing of food. We would use produce grown and reared on the farm, demonstrating the journey from field to fork and helping people understand in practice food provenance and the links between food production and communities.

Who we are and what we do

Cornwall Food Foundation (registered charity 1119341) is the new name of the charity which manages the Fifteen Cornwall Apprentice Programme and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall. We believe food skills are life skills. Our mission is to inspire people in Cornwall through food and enable those in greatest need to achieve meaningful, sustained change through training, employment and better life opportunities, while adding value to the local economy.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Run great restaurants (to train people and to generate income)
  • Run great training programmes
  • Build community food skills
  • Strengthen the local food system

What would be our involvement at Higher Newham

We see Higher Newham Farm and Village as a living, working community in the making. The 3-way partnership with Duchy College and Cornwall Food Foundation is a shared vision to create a place to make a difference for the people of Truro and Cornwall.

We plan to work in tandem with our partners to revitalise Higher Newham. We propose to restore and renovate the old farm buildings and transform the land into an educational and training facility to inspire the people who we hope will teach and learn here.

This involves shaping the plans, as well as donating the land and the funds to make this exciting new community project happen.

Living Villages propose to offer a unique model for the homes themselves enabling a variety of types and size as well as ownership, shared equity or lease options. Under our proposals 30% of the properties would be available below market rates within Cornwall Council's affordable housing scheme, to help those who really need them.

Who we are and what we do

Living Villages was founded to build places where people really want to live. Places that belong to and evolve in their local environment. Places built for people and nature. Homes clustered around green spaces, full of character and interest and individual bespoke designs, just like traditional villages. Living Villages takes design cues from the vicinity, learning from local success stories, weaving in as much of the found character as we can. Living Villages aims to use local craftsmen and labour, indigenous materials and skills to create villages to build communities over time.

Sustainability is at the heart of Living Villages’ thinking. We aim to respect the environment, save resources and use reclaimed and natural materials where possible to build homes and surroundings to evolve over lifetimes. We will stay involved in Higher Newham Farm and Village maintaining the shared spaces within the village, and renting and leasing homes. In short, we’re in it for the long run.

Living Villages is a specialist residential development subsidiary within the LXB Group. Living Villages owns the land at Higher Newham which allows it the freedom to explore a different approach to developing the site, which is in contrast to other development sites that the LXB Group is involved in.

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