Higher Newham Questionnaire

In the creation of these plans for Higher Newham we’ve been mindful of the importance of accessible green space, the struggles faced by farming in Cornwall and the value of great local food. We also understand Cornwall’s need for good quality affordable homes and better job prospects.

Our plans are about Cornwall’s future: Homes, Skills, the Natural Environment. We think we have come up with an idea that could not only lead the way in sustainable development nationally, but which will respect and enhance the local environment as well as providing educational opportunities in food and farming.

For Higher Newham Farm and Village to really work we need you to tell us what you think.

Please take 10 minutes to fill in our questionnaire.

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What are the key proposals within the Higher Newham Farm and Village plans?

  • An innovative working model farm run by Duchy College to provide training for local young people in agriculture, horticulture and countryside management. The College would also run short leisure courses.
  • A restaurant/cafe run by charity Cornwall Food Foundation, serving local, seasonal food, grown and foraged from the farm, the allotments and surrounding area. There would be a Cook School too, providing hands on accredited courses as well as running short leisure courses.
  • 80% of the 92 acres at Higher Newham would be gifted by Living Villages to the local community via a Charitable Company, with the intention of preserving over 70 acres for farming and food education forever.
  • The majority of these 70 acres of protected green space would be publicly accessible year round, for the whole community to enjoy (restrictions will be in place at certain times of year in specific areas where farming activity necessitates).
  • 13 of the 92 acres would be dedicated to a small new exemplar village including 155 individually designed homes plus a community ‘Hub’ Cafe/Restaurant and Cook School, spaces for gallery/artisan makers and a small shop linked to the farm. The proposal is for these 'hub' buildings to be housed in the renovated farm buildings.
  • A wildlife rich environment of woodlands, orchards, fields, hedgerows and wildflower meadows.
  • 2 acres of allotments for the village and wider Truro community.
  • The village homes will be bespoke designed to “fit” in the landscape, mindful of the vital 'green views' of the hill-sides south facing the AONB and north easterly facing Truro.
  • 30% of the homes at Higher Newham to be made available within Cornwall Council’s affordable housing scheme.
  • Vehicular access from Morlaix Avenue, linked with the proposed Arch Hill roundabout upgrades.
  • Pedestrian access from both the top and the bottom end of Higher Newham and a network of footpaths around the site, linking with existing routes into Truro and the river.
  • A Sustainable Urban Drainage and foul water system designed to ensure that Higher Newham does not impact on other parts of Truro.

Note: Delivery of these proposals is subject to planning consent

Please fill out this short questionnaire:

1. Which aspects of the project are you most likely to use?

2. What aspects of the project, if any, are you concerned about?

3. What aspects of the project do you think could be improved?

4. Are there any other facilities linked to farming, food and community that you would like to see at Higher Newham Farm?

5. Taking everything into account do you think the proposals for Higher Newham Farm and Village are something you might support?

6. We would love to keep you updated on the project at Higher Newham Farm.

Please leave your name, postcode and email address.

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