The Higher Newham Oak

The Fields of Higher Newham

Every piece of land that had a use
Once had a name
But time passes
Hedgerows fade
Names are lost
And fields are left marking time

Dig deep into the days
At Higher Newham
In Truro’s back pocket
When every field knew
Who it was
Where it was
What size it was
What shape it was
What hazards it held hard
And what it was truly great for

Growing or grazing
To plough or not to plough
Cattle or sheep
Corn or hay
The lay of each slope
And the soil beneath it
Told its own wise story
From one farmer to the next

Wander the names as you wander the land
Getting to know them one at a time
Three Corner Field
Higher Beef Close
Homer Field
Long Field
Quarry Close
Lower Gew
And Part of Ten Acres

As this farm comes back to life
And the hedges return
So the fields reunite with their memories
And their personalities
As different as each and every animal
Chewing the cud
And working the land
In tandem with the people
Sharing the space, the knowledge and the produce
Of new-found Higher Newham

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