A village, a farm, a community

Higher Newham Farm and Village project is a plan to create an educational community farm with a Cornish village thriving around it. It’s a place where people can live, work, learn, laugh, eat, drink and share the stories that make us what we are.

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Map of Higher Newham

Where is it?

Our proposal hopes to reinvigorate 92 acres of farmland on the edge of Truro, above the Newham Industrial Estate and south of Morlaix Avenue. In opening up this once-private land to the public, it aims to be the best possible neighbour to the people of Truro.

Map of Higher Newham
  • 1New village area
  • 2Duchy College farm
  • 3Community hub
  • 4Restaurant
  • 5Allotments
  • 6Horticulture plot
  • 7Edible horticulture
  • 8Orchards
  • 9Green spaces
  • 10Agricultural land
  • 11Woodland
  • 12Hedges
  • Roads
  • 16Permissive trials for pedestrians & cycle access
  • 17Permissive trials for pedestrians
  • 13Reed beds
  • 14Attenuation basin

What's in it for me?

There will be 155 homes, at least 30% of which will be available within Cornwall’s affordable housing scheme. A new restaurant and cook school, cookery courses, community meeting rooms, children’s play areas and animal centre, gardening and smallholder courses, allotments, a city orchard, wild spaces, woodland, new footpaths and cycle tracks.

"I wish all development projects were as well considered as this."

What's in it for me?

What's so special?

It's a new way of thinking about how and where we live, and what we can learn and share to get more out of life. We hope to show it's possible, together, to make a place that people can love, live and really be part of.

We believe there's something social in the soil and history backs this up.

See the full history here

Why build here?

Truro needs homes (3500 at the last count). But we need to build them where people really want to live. This is why we’d like to bring an old farm back to life and try to make it an extremely productive patch with new woodlands, allotments, orchards and stacks of open space for people to enjoy. To further reassure you, 70 of the 92 acres will remain green and be held forever in a community trust for generations to come.

"My only concern is that local people who have been frightened by other, less worthy developments, may not support this excellent scheme! Cornwall needs more houses for locals to live in; this is the best way to get them"

Who's behind it?

Higher Newham Farm & Village is a groundbreaking partnership between Duchy College, Cornwall Food Foundation and Living Villages. By bringing together the worlds of farming, food, education and living, we hope to create a small village on a working community farm that feels as though it belongs. In doing so, we could sow the seeds of a community that would flourish because of its connections with the land and its produce.

Living VillagesDuchy CollegeCornwall Food Foundation

Who's it for?

First and foremost, the people of Truro, those of you who work, live, shop and relax here. It’s not just another development. With the homes, restaurant, work and play areas, food and farming learning, and space to cycle, walk and relax, we hope it becomes a space for everybody – because that's what the hundreds of people we've spoken to around Truro have told us what they want.

"I feel it would be good for the community. The community always needs more things for children."

What are people making of it?

So far, 86% of people who came to our public consultation would support it. 74% said they'd use the land to walk or cycle or just take in the views. 60% said they'd eat at the restaurant. 42% of you with kids said you'd use the play area and farm animal-petting centre. In terms of the village, over 150 of you were interested in a new home and 95 people put their name loosely down for an affordable home.

When asked:

"Taking everything into account do you think the proposals for Higher Newham Farm and Village are something that you might support?"

What are people making of it?

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